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Research Process

No matter its stage of development or the proposed methodology, the ultimate goal of any health research study is the same; to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and populations. Research studies differ considerably with respect to their approaches, research questions and purposes. Therefore, the need for research participants will differ depending on the approach or purpose of the research study.

You may be solicited to become a research participant in all phases of your life, whether you are healthy or have a specific health condition, or because you belong to a particular group of individuals. The level of your participation in a research study may vary between research studies; some research procedures may be invasive (i.e. requires a puncture, an incision or administration of a product in the body), while others may only require the completion of a questionnaire or access to your medical records.

Various types of information are gathered from research studies such as information related to the functioning of the human body, the effects of a new medication on individuals, individuals' behaviors, opinions, preferences, life styles and conditions.

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